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Fifth Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit To Take Place in Morocco November 19 – 21, 2014 (#GES2014) “第五届全球企业家峰会 第五届全球企业家峰会 ”于 11 月 19 日至 21 日


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Fifth Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit
To Take Place in Morocco November 19 – 21, 2014 (#GES2014)

Hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco, Held under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, First Time Summit Will be Held in Africa

NEW YORK, NY; 4, November 2014 – The fifth annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (#GES2014) will take place on November 19 – 21, 2014 in Marrakech, Morocco, the first time the Summit will be hosted in an African nation. The Summit, the largest gathering of entrepreneurs in the world during Global Entrepreneurship Week, will be hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco, and held under the High Patronage of his Majesty King Mohammed VI, and brings together over 3000 entrepreneurs, with Heads of state, high-level government officials, global entrepreneurs, small medium enterprises (SMEs), corporate leaders, and young entrepreneurs.

The theme of this year’s Summit, “Harnessing the Power of Technology for Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” explores the positive impact of technology on innovation and entrepreneurship. Technology presents entrepreneurs with enormous opportunity and gives them the power to reach beyond local communities and to tap into resources in other cities, countries, and continents.

High-level government officials, business leaders and entrepreneurs at all stages from all over the world will be in attendance in Morocco. Speakers from around the world will discuss issues and insights to inspire, celebrate, and support entrepreneurs, including:
• Financing new ventures
• Scaling up enterprises and moving to the formal sector
• Turning talent into entrepreneurship
• Engaging in social entrepreneurship

Vice President Joe Biden will lead the United States (U.S) delegation to the Fifth Annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit in addition to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker attending as well with her activities focusing specifically on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. In addition, members of the Presidential Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship (PAGE) initiative will be joining Secretary Pritzker in Morocco to serve as entrepreneurship ambassadors and to share their knowledge and experience to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs around the world, they are:
• Daphne Koller, Co-Founder and President, Coursera
• Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder and CEO, Chobani
• Alexa von Tobel, Founder and CEO, LearnVest

Notable speakers from the U.S. include Toni G. Verstandig, Chair Middle East Programs, Aspen Group, Kerry Healey, President of Babson College and John Macomber, Senior Lecturer in Finance, Harvard Business School, Ron Bruder, Founder, Education for Employment, and Zainab Salbi, Founder of Women to Women International.

Speakers from the Moroccan government include Salaheddine Mezouar, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mohamed Boussaid, Minister of Economy and Finance, Mbarka Bouaida, Delegate Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Moulay Hafid Alami, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, and the Digital Economy, Nizar Baraka, President, Social, Economic & Environmental Council (CESE).

Moroccan corporate leaders in attendance include Mohamed El-Kettani, CEO, Attijariwafa Bank, Othman Benjelloun, President and CEO of BMCE, Abdeslam Ahizoune, CEO of Maroc Telecom, Anas Sefrioui, CEO of Addoha Group, and Miriem Bensalah-Chaqroun, President, Confédération Générale des Entreprises du Maroc (CGEM).

The Kingdom of Morocco is the ideal host for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit as entrepreneurship has proven to be a driving force behind diversifying the economy, increasing employment, and successfully integrating women, youth and minorities into the country’s ongoing economic development. Morocco’s unique geographic advantage, straddling the African continent, the Arab world, and Europe leaves it well positioned as a hub for the transfer of technology and innovation at the regional and global level.

The 2014 Summit marks the fifth year of continued U.S. commitment to promoting entrepreneurs through this forum and the first time it is being held in Africa. The original Summit was hosted in 2010 in Washington to identify ways to deepen ties between business leaders, foundations, universities, and entrepreneurs in the US and Muslim communities around the world. In subsequent years, the Summit has expanded to a global event, hosted by the governments of Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia.

Please visit the 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Summit’s website to register for the event here: https://registration.gesmarrakech2014.org/. A list of global confirmed speakers can be found by clicking this link: http://www.gesmarrakech2014.org/en/program/speakers.

Additional information may be found on the Summit’s Twitter handle: @GESMarrakech14 and Facebook page: facebook.com/GES2014Marrakech.

Richard Attias & Associates (RA&A), Part of WPP Group, is the Executive Producer of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014. A global strategic consulting firm that creates and implements idea initiatives and platforms to support the vision of our clients, RA&A’s mission is to help leaders, corporations and nations build their global influence, catalyze innovation and lead the global exchange of ideas. Headquartered in New York, RA&A’s namesake founder is a Moroccan citizen and global influencer.


Press contacts:

Matthew Miller
Richard Attias & Associates
+1 917-226-7172 (mobile)

Daniel Rivkin
Rmedia Ventures
+1 917-817-6323 (mobile)


“第五届全球企业家峰会”于 11 月 19 日至 21 日在摩洛哥召开


(2014 年 11 月 4 日,北京)由摩洛哥王国主办,主题为“用科技的力量发 扬创新与企业家精神”的“第五届全球企业家峰会”,将于 11 月 19 日至 21 日在 摩洛哥马尔喀什召开。这也是该峰会首次在非洲国家举办。

作为全球创业周期间规模最大的企业家聚会,本届峰会吸引来自全球 3000 余人出席,包括各国首脑、政要,跨国公司、中小型企业领导,以及青年企业家。 此次峰会将重点探讨科技为创新和企业家精神带来的积极影响。科技不仅为企业 创造机遇,同时也为企业全球化提供资源。届时,来自全球的演讲嘉宾将讨论新 企业融资、扩大企业规模和优化管理、人才与创业、社会型创业等话题,并分享 经验,以更好地鼓舞、祝贺和支持企业家们。

美国副总统乔·拜登先生(Joe Biden)将携美国代表团出席本届峰会,同行的 包括美国商务部长潘妮·普利茨克(Penny Pritzker),她的活动将集中于女性创业 日。以下全球创业总统大使成员将加入普利茨克部长的摩洛哥之行,担任创业大 使,分享他们的知识与经验,帮助开发全球下一代企业家:

 课程时代(Coursera)创始人兼总裁达芙妮·科勒(Daphne Koller)
 乔巴尼(Chobani)创始人兼首席执行官哈姆迪·乌鲁卡亚(Hamdi Ulukaya)
 LearnVest 创始人兼首席执行官亚力克莎·冯·托贝尔(Alexa von Tobel)
来自美国的知名演讲嘉宾包括:阿斯彭集团(Aspen Group)中东项目主席托 尼·G·沃斯坦迪戈(Toni G. Verstandig);巴布森学院(Babson College)主席凯 瑞·希利(Kerry Healey);哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)金融领域高级 讲师约翰·马孔伯(John Macomber),就业教育网(Education for Employment) 创始人荣·布鲁德(Ron Bruder),以及妇女国际(Women to Women International) 创始人扎纳比·塞比(Zainab Salbi)。

来自摩 洛哥 政府 的 演 讲嘉宾 包括 :外 交与 合作部 长 萨 拉赫 丁 · 迈祖阿尔 (Salaheddine Mezouar),经济与财政部长穆罕默德·布赛德(Mohamed Boussaid), 摩洛哥外交与合作部长代表穆巴尔卡·布艾达(Mbarka Bouaida),工业、贸易、 投资与数字经济部长穆莱·哈菲德·阿拉米(Moulay Hafid Alami),社会、经济 与环境委员会主席尼扎尔·巴拉卡(Nizar Baraka)。

参会的摩洛哥企业界领导人包括:阿提哈利瓦法银行(Attijariwafa Bank)首 席执行官默罕默德·艾卡塔尼(Mohamed El-Kettani),摩洛哥外贸银行(BMCE) 总裁兼首席执行官奥斯曼·本杰隆(Othman Benjelloun),摩洛哥电信(Maroc Telecom)首席执行官阿布德斯拉姆·亚希祖内(Abdeslam Ahizoune),Addoha 集团首席执行官阿纳斯·塞弗里维(Anas Sefrioui),摩洛哥企业联合总会(CGEM) 会长 Miriem Bensalah-Chaqroun。 背景资料:

企业家精神是摩洛哥王国经济多元化的驱动力,其在增加就业,整合女性、 青年、以及少数民族的力量,达到经济可持续发展方面有着重要意义。摩洛哥也 以其横跨非洲、阿拉伯世界和欧洲的地理优势,成为该地区及世界的技术转让和 创新中心。

美国致力于通过“全球企业家峰会”在全球推进企业家的发展。2014 年“第 五届全球企业家峰会”标志着美国连续五年来对促进创业和企业家发展所做的努 力,同时这也是峰会第一次在非洲举行。第一届峰会于 2010 年在美国华盛顿举 行,确立了如何使美国及全世界穆斯林社会的商业领袖,基金会,高等学府和企 业家加强联系的有效方法。2010 年之后,峰会升级为全球大会,分别在土耳其 政府、阿联酋政府和马来西亚政府主办。


 2014 第五届全球企业家峰会官网:
 活动注册:
 已确认出席的演讲嘉宾:
 更多信息请关注:

关于 RA&A
2014 第五届全球企业家峰会由 WPP 集团子公司 Richard Attias & Associates (RA&A)全权负责。RA&A 是一家全球性战略咨询公司,致力于创造和实现客 户愿景。RA&A 的使命是帮助领导人、企业和国家建立全球影响力,促进创新和
引领全球范围内的思想碰撞。RA&A 总部位于纽约,公司名取自其摩洛哥籍创始 人。



Matthew Miller
Richard Attias & Associates
+1 917-226-7172 (mobile)

Daniel Rivkin
Rmedia Ventures daniel@rivkinmedia.com
+1 917-817-6323 (mobile)

博雅公关共系有限公司 (中国北京)
电话:010 58162551

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